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How It Works:

How It Works:

When you obtain a quotation, you agree to Servicing Stop Ltd's Terms and Conditions. We will send a copy of your quotation to your email address, and let you know how to book an appointment. If you wish to stop receiving emails from us, you can click the unsubscribe link provided in our emails, we provide links to this in each of our emails.

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If you are looking for a car repair quote on your Fiat take a look below on how we can save you money:

Main dealer's labour rates can range from £75 and upwards and sometimes for the prestige manufacturers it can exceed £100. With us you will be able to get massive savings on labour and part rates compared to main dealers, meaning you save money every time.

How Does It Work?

Service + repair
You can book your Fiat service and just make a note of what repairs you want and we will always quote you in advance of any work being done. There after the repair work will only be done upon your approval.

Best quote on repairs
If you already have a quote, please supply proof of details from main dealer and we will beat their quote accordingly (all quotes will be verified before we quote).

Repair quotes
Providing quotes over the phone or email is fine, but may take time due to the variance in repair costs geographically throughout the UK – parts and labour will vary accordingly with different garages.

If you would like some car repairs done, all you need to do is supply us with your details and book online here (Please remember to select the repairs option provided) and a Servicing Stop representative will contact you to confirm your repairs have been booked in.

5 Stars (Interim Service)

The service was provided with no hiccups

Mr Richard East - London
5 Stars (Full Petrol Service)

great service

Ms Kate Richards - Hemel Hempstead
5 Stars (Full Petrol Service)

Very reliable.

Mr Giancarlo Tedesco - Horley
5 Stars (Full Petrol Service)

Very likely to recommend

Miss Louise Gasper - Birmingham
5 Stars (Full Petrol Service)


Ms Sarah Hudson - Milton Keynes
5 Stars (Full Diesel Service)

good service

Mr Andrew Hawkey - Loughborough
4 Stars (Interim Service)

Extremely good

Ms Amanda Thompson - Canterbury
5 Stars (Full Petrol Service)

Absolutely amazing service. Very kind staff and very convenient timely pick up and drop off. 100% recommend.

Mrs Sasha Holder - London
5 Stars (Full Petrol Service)

Excellent service

Ms Brenda Wilkinson - Liverpool
5 Stars (Full Petrol Service)

Very good

Mr Terrence Bellamy - Hornchurch
5 Stars (Full Petrol Service)

Excellent all round service

Mr Heidi Bower - Sittingbourne
4 Stars (Full Petrol Service)

Fast friendly and fair

Mr John John - Huddersfield
5 Stars (Full Diesel Service)

Great, prompt service

Mrs Jill Farlow - North Shields
5 Stars (Full Diesel Service)


Mr Anthony Feeney - Sheffield
4 Stars (Full Petrol Service)

Very good

Ms Nasreen Brittain - Maidenhead
5 Stars (Full Petrol Service)

Hassle free service

Mrs Sarah Claydon-kerslake - Thetford
5 Stars (Full Petrol Service)

This is my first experience using this service and it’s been a good experience. I would definitely recommend it to family and friends

Mrs Marie Ellis - Isleworth
5 Stars (Full Diesel Service)

Very helpful and speedy service

Mr Ian Robb - Glasgow
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