Servicing Stop Complaints Process

Phase 1:

The contact stage:
Customer will contact Customer Care Department via our support system. This logs a ticket reference which will always be referred to in communication. Once the customer has successfully lodged this complaint, within 24 working hours they will receive a welcome email from Servicing Stop Complaints Department. This outlines our process directly to the customer and how we intend to deal with their complaint. Please see document 'Customer Care Welcome Letter' for a copy of this.

Phase 2:

The Investigation:
Once the customer has received their welcome email, this will be assigned to a dedicated agent to manage the complaint. Once this has been assigned and the welcome email has been sent, the agent has 3 working days to initiate their investigation. The agent may need to contact the customer prior to the investigation taking place to obtain some more information from them. They may do this via Email or Telephone. The agent may have all desired information from the initial email from the customer and so may be able to initiate communication with the results of their investigation. Once the agent has first made communication with the customer, we aim to resolve all complaints within 5 working days, however from time to time, dependant on the complexity of the complaint this may be extended. The customer will always be kept informed throughout this time. Once the agent has carried out a thorough investigation, they will contact the customer, either via Telephone or Email to go through their findings with them.

Phase 3:

Customer is still dissatisfied:
If the customer Is still not satisfied with the outcome, the agent will continue responsibility of the complaint. They may seek advice from their manager or other areas of the business to ensure they are giving the correct findings. At this point, the agent may believe their finding were fair and will re-iterate this to the customer. Alternately, they may review their findings and hope the customer is now satisfied with the response.

Phase 4:

If the customer is still not satisfied, or if the agent conducting the complaint feels it is necessary to be escalated, this will be appointed to a senior member of staff. The senior member of staff will initially contact the customer to let them know this has been escalated to them, introducing themselves and outlining that they will be in touch within 48 hours. The senior member of staff will conduct a meeting with the Customer Care agent to establish a better understanding of the complaint at hand and at this point may conduct their own secondary investigation. If after 48 hours, they are yet to reach a conclusion, they will contact the customer to advise them of this. If the senior member of staff agrees with the agents initial findings, they will re-iterate this. They may decide to change the findings of the investigation, and this will be communicated to the customer as a final point of communication in a resolved complaint.

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