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Buying a used car comes with a fair amount of risk. It's crucial you know the full story behind the vehicle you're considering. The first thing on any prospective buyer's checklist should be to find out the full MOT history. This is simple and easy to do via the website. By doing this you'll find out: the post-2005 MOT history of any vehicle in England, Scotland or Wales. Click the start button below to get started.

Check my MOT history (vehicle registration number required)


You'll be able to find out:

Test results are available to view as soon as the garage posts them.


Why do I have to have an MOT?

UK law states that if a car is over three years old, it will require an MOT on an annual basis to ensure it is safe, roadworthy and in line with emissions regulations.

Do I have to pay anything to check my MOT history?

No. Checking your MOT history is free via

Can I be present during my vehicle's MOT test?

You can, but you must not interfere.

How long do I have to fix my car after a failed MOT?

Your vehicle will be re-tested for free up to 10 days after the failed test.

Do Servicing Stop do MOTs?

Yes, at extremely competitive prices! £25 for an MOT with a service; £65 without.

What do they check during my MOT test?

For a comprehensive MOT inspection schedule - select your vehicle here.

Can I take my test early?

You can. The remaining time will be rolled over onto the new certificate.

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