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The used car market can be a minefield. What can look a safe bet on the listing or forecourt can have all manner of defects and when you look a bit closer. The best way to do this is to check MOT history online. You can do this for free via where the post-2005 MOT history can be found for any vehicle in England, Scotland or Wales. All you need is the vehicle’s registration number.

For any vehicle - check MOT history online by clicking the button below. Test results are available to view the moment the MOT tester posts them online.

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Why should I check MOT history online?

When considering purchasing a used car, a comprehensive background check can be obtained if you check MOT history online.

What is an MOT an why do I have to have it?

British law states that if a vehicle is over 3 years old it requires an annual MOT test to confirm its safety, roadworthiness and emissions output.

Can I watch my MOT test?

Yes, providing you do not interfere.

What happens if my vehicle fails?

You can have it retested for free within 10 days at the same test centre.

Can you MOT my car?

Yes. We charge £25 for an MOT with a service; £65 without (see what we’ve done there!)

Can I take my MOT early?

Yes. The remaining time is rolled over onto your new test certificate.

What do they check during an MOT test?

The following is checked during an MOT test: Vehicle identification number, registration plate, lights, steering and suspension, wipers and washers, windscreen, horn, seatbelts, seats, fuel system, exhaust emissions, exhaust system, vehicle structure, doors, mirrors, wheels and tyres, brakes. Depending on the model, other items may be included. For a comprehensive MOT inspection schedule - select your vehicle here.

Can I take my test early?

You can. The remaining time will be rolled over onto the new certificate.

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