How to check MOT history

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If you're buying a used car, it's very important before you part with any hard earned cash, you have a good idea where your prospective runaround has been. Do this quickly and easily via an MOT history check which will give you an understanding just how well the car you're considering performed during all previous MOT tests in England, Scotland and Wales (post-2005).

How to check MOT history?

Many people don't know how to check MOT history but it's quick and simple to do. Visit with the vehicle's registration number. The check is completely free and won't cost you a penny.

What will I find out?

You'll find out how the vehicle performed in all previous MOT tests; the mileage logged at each test; parts that failed (or minor issues with parts); the test location; date of the test.

How to check MOT history - Click here

Does a car have to have an MOT?

Yes. Once a vehicle is three years old it will need an MOT on an annual basis to demonstrate it is safe, roadworthy and inline with the current emissions legislation.

Does Servicing Stop do MOT tests?

Yes. Servicing Stop charge £25 for an MOT, if you include it with a service (£65 without).

Can I view my car's MOT test?

Yes, providing you do not interfere with the test.

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