MOT History Check

Before buying a used car, it's essential you know its MOT history. You can do this quickly and easily by way of an MOT history check. This will tell you:

You can only get results for tests done in England, Scotland or Wales since 2005.

MOT History Check -

Before you start you'll need the vehicle's number plate (registration number).

The results are available to view as soon as the MOT test centre uploads them.


What is an MOT?

The MOT test (Ministry of Transport, or just MOT) is a test to ensure your vehicle is safe, roadworthy and complies with the current UK emissions regulations. All vehicles over three years old must have an MOT test on an annual basis if they are to be driven on any way defined as a road in the Road Traffic Act 1988.

Does it cost anything to have a MOT history check?

No. The service is provided by the government and is completely free.

Can I watch my vehicle's MOT test?

Yes. Providing you do not interfere with the test.

How long do I have to fix my car after a failed MOT?

10 days - you can have your retest for free providing you leave your car at the test centre to make the necessary repairs. You can take your car away if the certificate is still valid.

How much do you charge for an MOT?

We charge £19 for an MOT if booked with a service (£24 without).

What is checked during an MOT test?

Barring a few subtle differences depending on your model, the following items are inspected during your MOT test: Vehicle identification number, registration plate, lights, steering and suspension, wipers and washers, windscreen, horn, seatbelts, seats, fuel system, exhaust emissions, exhaust system, vehicle structure, doors, mirrors, wheels and tyres, brakes.

For a more detailed guide to what's checked, click here.

Can I take my MOT test before its due date?

Yes. MOT tests can be conducted on your vehicle up to one month before it's due. If you do decide to have it a month early, your new certificate will remain valid for 13 months.

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